Welcome to my website. This is where I share my blogs, ebooks, and other published works. Sometimes I talk about my writing projects and other fun stuff. On most days when I'm not writing stories, I like to read fantasy novels and biographies. 

Beside reading books, I like to draw, which I shared on this site as well. Something I enjoyed doing as hobby. On most days I like to watch YouTube videos on different writers and authors on their writing journey and learn self-publishing industry. I'm author of three children's stories, and also I've published couple short stories in anthologies and online magazine.

Announced my upcoming book in 2022.

I'm publishing a book in 2022! It is official, even though I haven’t chosen a specific month or day when it will be released to the world. There will be more updates and details in the coming year. Sign up for the newsletter to get latest writing 

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