About the Author

I’ve been a writer for a long time (almost ten years). I didn’t begin writing stories till I was thirteen. I was a newbie and off writing fairy stories. And now I like to write a variety of genres. (Inspirational stories, contemporary romance, and adventure stories. I am open to try different things)

I’m an author of children's collection stories and have published one story The Whole of the Moon in There is Us Anthology and flash fiction Catharsis in Litstream Literary Magazine.

I’m a believer in Christ Jesus. He has given me the gift of creativity and imagination. When I am not writing, I like to read, draw, and sometimes take pictures of nature or do fun projects, or watch Youtube to learn more about publishing industry. Most of all, I like to spend time with my family.

If you like to stay update about my life, you can follow me on Instagram @havelahmclatwriter