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Zorcer's Curse-5.png

Join Miranda and her friends as they soar on an adventure in the west. On their summer visit, two fairies come across mustangs and humans. When the humans capture the black stallion, the leader of the mustangs, the fairies launch a rescue to bring him home. While on their mission, Miranda develops a friendship with two human girls. But then their lives and the future of all fall into jeopardy as a wildfire spreads across the land. Will the lives of the girls and the mustangs be spared from the wildfire? Read it to find out!

Zorcer's Curse-2.png

Deep in the forest, there was a hidden world of fairies. In this realm, everyone was living a peaceful and happy life. Until one-day tragedy struck and the kingdom was left in ruins. Only a few fairies escaped. Many years later, a young fairy, with no memory of her past, but haunted by shadowy memories of a life she once knew. When a clue to who she might point her to Paris. She sets out on a journey to the city of lights. Along the way, she encounters friends and trails but nothing will stop her from quest to learn the truth of her past.

The Promise.png

Bacchus, a young Roman boy, hears loud cheering in his city one day. When he goes to investigate he meets two kids who also seek the source of the commotion. Though they come from different beliefs, and backgrounds, they are united in their desire to find the man that caused such a scene that day. 

Follow them on their journey, and see the world through their eyes, as they experience one of the greatest events in history.