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Creativity and Comics with Rocco DiCaro

Welcome back readers to the guest blog. Before we meet our guest, I want to let you know that I’m available to add a guest on my blog. You can talk about your writing, or anything that suits your fancy. If you are interested, please contact me. Go to the contact page; and you can send me a message. I would be more glad to interview you and support your work. And now let’s get back to the interview.

First, I want to let you all know this good friend of mine is an artist. Rocco and I met on Instagram three years ago. I had an art account, and he saw my drawings. Since then we have supported each other on art and others. Over time, I focused more on my writing and published some stories. But it doesn’t mean I stop drawing. I still draw here and there. And that’s why I share my drawings on this site for fun. And one of the reasons why I wanted to interview Rocco. He and I did some collaboration together. I wrote some stories about his characters. I wrote based on his adorable and likable characters, Wilma, the spunky witch, and her faithful companion, yet skeptical Carl. I can list the stories here, “Carl Finds a Home,” and “Fireflies in the Night.” You can check them by clicking the titles to see our collaborations. I enjoyed writing their stories and Rocco did a lovely job bringing the stories to life through his illustrations.

Okay, it’s time to meet our guest. Let’s welcome Rocco.

Can you tell us about yourself?

Rocco: “My name is Rocco DiCaro, but you may call me Roc. My original creative passion when I was young. I was to make movies and TV shows. I fell in love with puppetry and made my home movies with puppets, and I performed most of them solo.”

When did you decide to become an artist?

Rocco: “When I was doing my Puppet films, I would often draw out props for them. But, I always loved doodling from time to time, whether at home or at school. The day I really decided to become one and try to make it more than just a hobby was when I created River, Russell and Sam for my major project I am creating called, “The Secret Beauty”. I just enjoyed drawing these new characters and wanted to tell their stories.”

I felt the same way when I started writing fairies stories. Before I would draw fairies all the time and I thought it would be fun to create stories about them. And that’s wonderful you began creating your characters and writing their stories. I enjoyed seeing their stories on your social media.

Do you write stories before drawing the characters and scenes?

Rocco: “More often than not, I don’t write with a legitimate script. I will usually conceptualize the dialogue and scenarios in my head and write as I draw. I have a friend named Curly J. who has helped me on quite a few of “Secret Beauty” comics and sometimes for special comics like, “Holidays in Michigan State” or “Lamarr and Lisa’s Black History Month Sports Presentation,” we will do research and plan things out more thoroughly. So far, one of my comics I have done is being fully scripted, “River and Russell: Home for the Holidays,” which was my first extended canon comic for my characters. I wanted to make sure the story was told as precise as it needed to be. I am currently working on developing a second extended canon comic, much bigger than that one which will also script out. But, most of the time, it’s in my head or improvised.”

I understand. Writing a story or script can be hard. They take practice and I’m glad you have a friend who helps you with creative stories. Even though it’s a short collection of stories; I enjoyed reading them. That’s amazing you wrote a long script and should be proud of yourself. I can’t wait to see them.

What was your first story or drawing you did as a kid?

Rocco: “I don’t really remember my first drawing. But, I drew a lot as a kid. Mostly, I would draw fan-art of things I liked, like “Fraggle Rock” or I would sometimes draw my puppet characters from my home movies.”

Same here. It can be hard to think up something to sketch. I like to draw fan arts too.

What do you do when you aren’t drawing?

Rocco: “I usually watch YouTube videos when I am not drawing. Mostly comedy stuff and video games let’s players.”

What inspired you to draw characters?

Rocco: “Everyone has a story to tell in their own way, and I love being able to give my characters their own emotional and adventurous journeys to go on. Even when I was doing puppetry, I loved taking my characters on funny adventures and writing each character with a unique personality has always been something I loved doing.”

I agree. Inspiration is everywhere.

Do you base any of your characters on actual people?

Rocco: “My “Secret Beauty” characters kind of have a little of me in them. For example, my character Jessica is an organized person. I like to be organized with my art and videos. Petunia enjoys being creative and loves to draw, which is very much like me. As for friends and family, not really. Most of my characters are unique personalities.”

It's fun to create characters that have similar traits that are based on ourselves. But it is also nice that we can be creative with them if they do not base it on anyone.

Do you want to self publish or traditionally publish your comic stories?

Rocco: “Either would be fantastic. Though, if I were to pick, based on being able to assure I have some creative control over the final product, I would prefer self publishing my stories.

What is your advice in drawing characters and stories?

Rocco: “If you have a major character in your story, be sure you enjoy writing or drawing for that character. Because, if you are trying to tell their story and you don’t care about writing and drawing that character or their journey, your audience might not find them as engaging.”

Rocco, that is good advice.

What is your favorite genre in writing stories?

Rocco: “Most often, I love writing comedic stories. But, I also enjoy writing some more dramatic scenes for my characters too.”

Thank you Rocco for being here. I had a fun time discussing creativity, drawing and stories.

Rocco: “It was my pleasure, Havelah. I had a wonderful time and I hope you and everyone enjoys what I have in store for the future.”

Readers, and artists, if you want to see his drawings you can check them on Instagram @thesecretbeautydrawings to see his comics and drawings or go to his YouTube channel Monsterboy Roc to see his videos and much more.


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