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My Days in March

Hello friends. It has been a few weeks since I updated on my writing life. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of things happening this month. I’m going to try to update everything on this blog, though! I don’t want to quit on that. I will keep the guest blog going. Recently, I did a blog Fairies and Fantasy Talk with Samantha Atkins. I interviewed a friend and the author of the Wing Thief. I encourage you to take a minute to check it out.

What happened in the last few weeks between February and March? I read more new books and recently finished my Long Journey Home rewrite first draft. The last time I even touched it was last year and decided to rewrite the whole thing and I did. I can say it was a wild wind. If I remember correctly that novel took me nine months, which I regretted doing that long, and rewrote it in two months. I wrote more words than I did in nine months. The original draft was fifty words and now added thirty-thousands more in rewrite. Yes, it is the first draft and probably going to be cut down but still it is a lot more than I expected in two months. I did enjoy the process. While that manuscript is in its resting period, I’m going to do some reading and researching on certain things that I might need to do in the second draft. When I do, I'm also going to work on a different draft from last year.

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I have mentioned this in older blogs. Now it’s 2021, so people might not remember it then. I will bring up the draft name and give a brief summary. First the manuscript is called A Forever Summer, a young adult contemporary romance. Here is a mockup cover I made for the book. The story started off about two characters meeting on the Massachusetts coast. They both were little children and they only met once and many years later, they encountered again. Only this time one character doesn’t remember because she went through trauma that affected her brain, which I won’t get into much, and the other does. He didn’t tell her right away because he wasn’t sure at first, she was the one until he found the letters that he sent to her. Ah, I don’t want to say too much about the plot. I can say they became fast friends and fell in love over the summer. There is more to the story, however, that’s a rough idea of the whole story. Because I don’t want to get into Long Journey Home right away, this will be a good project to do.


Between writing and spare time, my family came together for Easter. My sister Miranda came for the weekend. It was a lovely time together. We dyed eggs, ate dinner and enjoyed the rest of the weekend. After the holiday, I went ahead and made cards. Because I love drawing, I wanted to make cards for people to give to their loved ones or someone they wanted to send. Here are some cards I did and thought it would be nice for you to see. I loved flowers and enjoyed doing them.

You are probably curious to ask, any updates about my querying process? Or did I get agents or get accepted? As for now, I haven’t got any acceptance. Many of them did reply and let’s say I haven’t any bites. I’m not giving up yet. Yes, it sucks and yet, I know someone out there will be interest in my work. It is going to be a while before I know anything comes up about it.

One thing did happen in March. My flash fiction Catharsis published in LitStream Literary Magazine. If you want to see my flash fiction in the magazine, click Other Works and scroll down to the bottom and tab the link I provided to get your copy.

Between February and now, I have read a couple novels. Some are new and some have been out for a while that I never read before. Let’s first go with the Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton.

Another book shortly before I read Kate Morton, Sing Me Forgotten by Jessica Olson.A few years back, I asked my sister what Phantom of the Opera was, and she told me without giving away too much information. It was about a man who lived under the opera house, hidden from the world because of his ugliness he was born with, and taught an orphan girl to sing.

He fell in love with her and yet the girl was already in love with someone else. So, when I saw Sing Me Forgotten, a retelling of that film, I straightaway brought a copy and read it in a few days. There are few things changed like a male guy who is a phantom, it is a girl. The gender swap. Everything she did in the story is really cool and yet the author remained the similar tale true to the original. I enjoyed it very much.

And the last three books I read are Salt the Snow by Carrie. Callaghan, A Wolf for a Spell by Karah Sutton, and The Wing Thief by Samantha Atkins. All of those are books I read in two months. Each one was wonderful and enjoyed them.

And now that’s all I have for now friends. If you like to keep informed and know when I will release new blogs, please sign up for a newsletters. With that, you will be the first one to know the blog is out.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this blog. It means a lot to me and know that you are supporting writers like me and other authors too.


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