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Park, History, and Summer Days

Hi friends. In the last few weeks, I have done some stuff with my family. Summer is here and sometimes I want to spend my day in the nice weather. Of course some days I spend time writing my stories or read books. Besides those things, I have been riding my bike in the back yard and would take a walk in the fields with my brother. Other times I just sit and look at my phone to see how other people are doing on their summer break. Now, I know this isn't a writing topic but I like to share some of the things that happened during the last month.

Over the last few months, we aren’t able to get together with our family because of the outbreak. We are allowed to meet people as long as we keep the distance between us, and wear masks. I understand that not everyone is comfortable wearing one but we should be conscious of others. It’s not easy, but something we have to take into consideration.

For the first time in a while, my family finally got together and went to a park in Akron. A really nice one and it was beautiful. The weather was comfortable and we took a walk in the forest together and stopped at the hill to see a waterfall. Here are some pictures I took. As we stood at the peer gazing at the water, I saw a husky. One thing you need to know about me: I love huskies.

Some people say they are absolutely beautiful but full of energy and shed a lot of hair. Okay, yes, I am aware of that. I don’t care because they are my favorite! Someday, a person can dream, I’m going to have a husky. I wanted it to be a female with amazing blue eyes, and loves people and enjoys being outside, and maybe have one cat. (I do like cats, but I can be picky)

Anyway, I saw two at the park that day. It was a highlight of my day. Then afterward we returned to the house and ate dinner and played games, and chatted. It was a nice and fun day to be together. Here are some pictures from that day.

Another thing I did with my two siblings and one friend went to Akron to see Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. They have a really nice home. Now, as we go through the house, I learned something. There are two things that totally surprised me, but one blew my mind.

Before I tell you what I mean, let me ask you a question. Are you familiar with The Sound of Music movie? Remember the iconic moment when Julie Andrew sings upon the Alps hill? If you know what I mean, then you know the story of the von Trapp family. I did some real research about them and learned the story isn’t fully like the movie. They changed the content slightly, switched the names and the ages of the original kids. And they didn’t walk upon the mountain after fleeing from the concert at the event. They did leave their country and moved to America and built a new life here. But this is where I was utterly surprised. The detour lady told us the von Trapp family came to Akron in this very place and sang and stayed here for a week. That was pretty cool to know. And another fact I learned is Helen Keller, the blind and deaf woman, stayed here as a guest. Pretty cool, right? I thought it would be fun to share some pictures with you.

Other times when we aren’t getting together, or doing something, I start writing again. In May I finished my one novella and moved to the next project. Last year I wrote a fantasy short story. Just let you know this one isn’t about fairies. It’s different. To keep the story short; the inspiration for this plot started two years ago! At that time I only wrote a few pages and didn’t finish it. A year ago I finished the story but I didn’t feel satisfied. I put it away and came back a couple of months later. However, I felt it was time to rewrite the whole thing. Oh boy, I’m glad I did. I saw a lot of plotholes and characters that need to be filled out and fixed. The characters slowly flash out and the conflicts get better than before. The story was originally 12k and it jumped up to 50k within two months. I honestly had a fun time writing it. Here are some of the drawings I drew of my characters from the story. I won’t say it too much because it contains spoils.

Now that is done, I’m not going back to A Forever Summer, instead, I’m going to work on a Long Journey Home novel. It has been a year and I think it is time to rewrite it. This is a time of year where I rewrite my old manuscripts and I am okay with that. It motivates me to work on more and improve my writing and creativity.

Two things happened, aside from writing, one of my stories got published. It’s a flash fiction The Whole of the Moon and published in There is Us Anthology, which you can get a copy of your own. Click this link Other Works and scroll down to There is Us Anthology. If you already bought a copy, then you made a difference. Each person that purchases one goes straight to COVID-19 relief efforts.

That's all I have to share with you for now. I hope you all have a good (and safe) summer.


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